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Soon-to-be-divorced spouses often wonder if they should wait until their divorces are final before dating. It depends on a variety of factors, such as if there are children and how they feel, the stigma of dating while still married, and the influence of social media on their divorce case. Times have certainly changed, and there is no clear answer on the subject. Many divorcing people may feel lonely, stressed out, or isolated, so getting back out there may be the right thing to do. If it is a highly contested, complicated divorce, it may make more sense to lay low for a while.


The Cons
If a parent starts dating before their divorce is finalized, their children may react emotionally because they are not ready for it. This can lead to feelings of resentment, anger, or withdrawal, even with the passage of time. If one party dates during a pending divorce, it can make the other one jealous, angry, or upset; they may also think that the relationship started while the marriage was still intact. In fact, this new person could be deposed in court and subpoenaed to testify. The court may want to know when the relationship started, the amount of money spent on dating, or if marital property has been transferred, among other things.


The Pros
Getting out and socializing is the best way to meet new people and potential long-term partners. Finding another person to spend quality time with can boost one’s self-confidence. It can also help ease the stress of the divorce and make both parties happier. These positive feelings can translate to other family members, including children.


Being Careful
Before going out on a date, there should be a physical separation and the divorcing partner must be completely sure that their marriage has ended. If there is any doubt, it is not a good idea to start a new relationship. A person must be completely ready before returning to into the dating world. A good way to start slowly is to socialize in groups or find a support group for people going through divorce.


The dating world is constantly changing, so it makes sense to become familiar with the best dating apps and websites. After the decision is made to start dating, it should be done so with propriety. If there are children, the new partner should be introduced slowly, perhaps in a neutral location, like a restaurant. Posting numerous pictures on social media is not recommended, since it can anger your ex-spouse and hurt the children; it could also be used in court.


Other guidelines for dating before the divorce is final include keeping away from places that the partners used to frequent as a couple, and never dating friends of an ex-spouse.


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