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I love having my nails painted. I actually find it therapeutic to paint my own nails, and I think it makes you look pulled together if you have fresh nails. Well, using old fashioned polish just doesn’t cut it these days, as it tends to chip in 3.5 days no matter what I do (remember: nails are not tools to open things!!). Gel manis are a great option, especially for staying power, but they are $$ and my nails always need some TLC after the gels come off. I have definitely gone the route of hiring a sitter for the relaxing salon time, but I have been looking for something I can do at home, while watching tv, when the kids are asleep, that doesn’t take long to dry or get messed up easily (not too much to ask IMO).

I guess you can say I was ‘influenced’ while scrolling on Instagram when I saw the ad for gel nail stickers. I clicked through to find out more on their site, and for sure thought it was too good to be true. The press on/stick on nails have been around forever, but the technology in creating these nails is what really won me over to try them. Additionally, they are cruelty- and 10-free, which means they are free of harmful chemicals, so even more of a reason to give them a go. produces “custom fit stick on gels” using “proprietary 3D technology”. Sounds high tech, right? Well, it’s actually quite brilliant. In order to custom fit your gels to your nails, you take a series of images of your nails against a card (credit card or business card works) and then select your design. The nails are then shipped to you in a chic little package (mine came in less than a week).

They have a bunch of colors and designs to choose from. I love having fun designs and nail art (I was a regular at Paintbox back when I lived in NYC), and I love the design I chose. In order to apply, you clean your nail bed with the cleaning pad provided, and then carefully apply each sticker. Once it is on, you file them to the proper length (not vigorously back and forth). I first did my entire left hand, filed/learned what worked, and then proceeded to the right hand. For my first time, I think it turned out super well. They will last up to 14 days at which time you just peel them off. has a bunch of helpful videos on how to apply too, which are short and easy to follow. I watched the one on how to apply the nails before I started and it was worth the watch. Additionally, they want you to be completely satisfied with this purchase, so if the fit is off, you just explain how and send in the feedback. Your next pair is then updated just for you. I had two nails (thumb nails) that didn’t fit as perfect as the others, so in my next round I’ll see how the update works out.

So, how do I like them??? I love them!! I’m a complete convert! They haven’t budged at all, or come up at any edges. I live ‘mom life’ so my hands are washed about 30 times a day, I use hand sanitizer 15 times a day, and I am constantly getting them dirty in play-doh, preparing food, playing in dirt, etc. Since this is my first time, I find myself checking them often to make sure they are still sticking well, and sure enough no issues at all. They are between $15-$25 a pair (and come with 5 extra nails in case you mess up). I definitely recommend to anyone looking to try a lasting, chemical free, custom gel nail.

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