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When Tim Masters’ daughter Emily developed allergies and eczema as a baby, he and his wife Cindy set out to solve her issues through any means necessary. Tim had been in the mattress business since he was a teenager, eventually purchasing the business from his mentor in 1995. So naturally, he focused on creating an organic crib mattress for Emily.

As moms, we just love this story of a dad dedicating himself to healing his daughter. And as we learned more about the certified organic mattresses at My Green Mattress, not only for babies but also kids and adults, we couldn’t wait to share. Because what’s more important to parents than good, healthy sleep for the whole family?!

Healthy sleep also remains the number one priority at My Green Mattress, which specializes in certified organic, USA-made, healthy and affordable mattresses. Some of their most popular choices include the Emily Organic Crib Mattress, handmade using GOTS certified organic cotton AND wool; the Kiwi Mattress, a medium firm contouring option for children and young adults; and the Natural Escape, a luxurious mattress for adults, with a 5-zone pocketed coil innerspring offering top-notch lumbar support. Finally, the My Green Platform Bed is a beautiful bed made with untreated and sustainable American poplar wood, and a perfect home for a My Green Mattress mattress. We spoke to Tim, now a father of five, about Emily’s story, what separates their mattresses from other brands, why organic matters, and more.


Want to try My Green Mattress? Go to and use code LOCALMOMS for exclusive discounts. The company always offers a $50 discount to all Veterans and First Responders. 


We know your business launched with the idea of creating an organic mattress for your daughter. Can you please share a bit more about the origins of your company?
I actually started with this Illinois-based company as a teenager. I was just 25 years old when the owner, my mentor, decided to retire and offered to sell the business to me. In 2006, when my daughter Emily was born, she suffered with allergies. My wife said, why don’t you make her an organic crib mattress? I realized we were not the only family dealing with these issues and that’s how My Green Mattress started!

My Green Mattress has experienced a growth in business during what for many small businesses has been a tough year. Why do you think you have thrived?
With COVID, more and more families have had time to think about what toxins and chemicals are in their homes and healthy sleep has become a priority for us all. We have seen an increase in orders, and many people have no idea that My Green Mattress—a leading organic bed in a box product—is handmade from a family-owned and operated company in the Midwest.


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Why is organic so important when it comes to mattresses?
Conventional mattress are often made with polyurethane foams—think gel foam and memory foam—and these off-gas dangerous chemicals that can cause everything from headaches to skin irritations and respiratory distress. Your skin is an organ. You’re asleep for about a third of your life, and if you’re sleeping on toxins, that’s not good.  Organic materials breathe better, last longer—it’s a win-win. It lowers your overall toxic load. We’re all exposed to toxins, from what we eat, put on our bodies or even pollution, but if you can eliminate toxins in your mattress, you’ll be taking an important step towards a healthier home and lifestyle.

You’ve received many certificates and accolades for your mattresses. Do any stand out for you?
Being named in the Good Housekeeping: 10 Best Kids’ Mattresses for Children of All Ages   and Good Housekeeping: 8 Best Organic and Natural Mattresses of 2020    lists were definite highlights. We also have the highest certifications in the industry, including the GOTS and GOLS Organic Factory and Product Certifications, as well as the Greenguard Gold Certification.

Why is being family owned business such an asset to your brand?
Every layer that goes into our product is under a microscope. Being family-owned gives us a lot of flexibility to implement changes or improvements quickly. Our competitors might cut corners and aren’t taking their time, but we don’t view success by the pieces sold but by happy customers. We’re about quality over quantity.

Love that. What’s the best part of working with family?
Even our non-family members are like family. Most of our employees have been with us since they were teenagers themselves. I helped one with a down payment on his home. Our seamstresses Juanita and Laura have invited my wife and I to their homes for family celebrations and holidays.

It certainly seems like a special team to be a part of. What is the feedback you get most often from new clients?
They love our customer service and quality mattresses. If someone doesn’t like something I really want to help with a solution is, or understand what would have worked better for them. I think that resonates in our customer service. I’m often picking up the phone and talking to the customer. If you look at life, it’s so short. Why not be happy every day when it comes to your mattress?

What’s next for My Green Mattress?
An employee that worked for me while he was attending high school and college became an engineer. He recently asked if he could come back and work for me to create our own spring system. The machine comes in November and I can’t wait. Currently, we buy from the best spring maker, but it’s a corporate operation, and last year we experienced spring shortages due to COVID. That spurred us to make our own spring system. In December, we launched our new organic cotton sheet sets. We’re expanding into more accessories and we’ll have a shippable box spring hopefully available by Labor Day.

Anything else you’d like to add?
If you’d like to try My Green Mattress, go to and use code LOCALMOMS to save! We always offer $50 discount to Veterans and First Responders. And all orders include a risk-free 120-night sleep trial, a 20-year warranty and products are made to order and shipped free across the country in about 2 weeks.


This story is sponsored by My Green Mattress.

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