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Happy 2022! Can you believe we made it?  These last two years have been a blur!

The time is now to make it all about #selfcare! Let’s get our bodies, minds and immune systems in the best shape possible!  For this guide, we have partnered with lots of local studios to get you started with your fitness and wellness journey!

Make time for YOU this year!!


AIR® is the nation’s leading aerial fitness training method for adults, teens and kids + open 7 days a week. Designed for all levels: with the use of aerial hammocks, AIR® strengthens your core + tones your physique in record-breaking time.

AIR® New Providence opened in 2019, is the ONLY location in the Northeast, the fastest way to a strong core and the most FUN full-body workout imaginable! Get your first week of unlimited classes for $25 at 

AIR® is a favorite birthday party, team-building & ladies night out venue; and place for kids + adults to break through their comfort zones to discover mental & physical strength.  Now booking Girl Scout Troops, to earn the “Brownie Dancer” badge; end of year parties & private Summer camps!

Instagram: @airfitnewprovidence
Location: 1280 Springfield Ave. New Providence, NJ

Top 3 Reasons to Join AIR®

  • AIR® KIDS classes are offered for ages 5-8, 9-12; and teens: 13-17. Throughout 8-week sessions kids / teens build upon aerial fitness skills throughout & incorporate them into session ending aerial recitals to which families are invited to watch in the studio! We also offer drop in camps when schools are closed & Spring Break / early bird Summer Camp enrollment will open Feb. 1, 2022! 
  • AIR® PAIRS partner style arial fitness classes offer parents / caregivers & kids an unforgettable bonding experience of swinging, snuggling, flying and twirling! Classes are offered for infants, toddlers and little flyers (up to age 5) to gain mobility, strength & balance; and for ages 6+ for pairs to build strength & confidence together.  We offer drop in partner classes and 4-week sessions for a small group of pairs to progress together toward a session ending recitals! Now booking a 4-week Feb. partner series for ages 6+!
  • AIR® PODS (small group classes for ‘people of your own designation’) are available for kids or adults who want to get acclimated at their own pace, in a more intimate setting as an alternative to 20+ group classes offered weekly.  In addition to small group private sessions, we offer individual private sessions; and for movement seekers with additional sensory needs: private sessions with occupational and physical therapists on site, through our growing AIR® Therapy program!

Kika Stretch Studios is a private one-on-one assisted stretch studio Founded in 2011. Release the tension that has been trapped inside your body for years, bringing youthfulness back to your body!  Imagine lying on a mat and having someone gently stretch out your entire body.  We help clients reset their bodies back to how it was before the pain and tension. Our highly trained coaches are available to travel to your home or office.

Facebook: @kikastretchsummit
Instagram: @kika_stretch_summit
Location: 447 Springfield Avenue suite S8, Summit NJ

Top 3 Reasons to Come to Kika Stretch Studios

  • Improves flexibility + range of motion
  • Decreases stress & tension
  • Restores youthfulness


Private, appointment-only personal training, nutritional counseling, and small group training in Livingston since 2010. Origin’s highly personalized training uses proven science and good old-fashioned common sense to help clients achieve their best fitness levels. Origin trains motivated adults, high-level student athletes, and military academy candidates seeking to serve our country. Many clients have trained with Origin for over a decade.

Location: 593 S. Livingston Ave., Livingston, NJ

Top 3 Reasons to Join Origins

  • Personalized Coaching and Accountability: Your trainer sticks with you, knows you, and keeps you accountable. Origin is serious about you getting the best return on your most important investment, your health.
  • Private Sessions: In Origin’s private environment, the focus is on you. There’s no judgment, no wait for equipment, and no limit to what you can achieve.
  • Fat loss and Nutrition Know-How: Cutting out the BS of fad diets and quick weight loss gimmicks, we condition the right behavior for you to succeed. Whether you want to look better, feel better or perform better, we custom design a fitness and nutrition program for your day to day needs and long-term sustainability.


Burn Boot Camp is a boutique fitness gym located in Springfield. Our camps are a combination of muscle-building strength training and heart-racing cardio designed to keep you moving. Our certified trainers will be there to push you and hold you accountable. We offer complimentary child watch at designated workout times so the busy mom can have her time.

Location: 20 Milburn Ave, Springfield 

Top 3 Reasons to Join Burn Boot Camp

  • Unlimited camps
  • Complimentary child watch
  • 1-1 focus meetings with a personal trainer


Backed by science and loved by athletes, Pilates helps strengthen everybody to live life to the fullest. Our Club Pilates studio offers one-on-one and group classes to enhance fitness. Pilates further aids in overall wellness by providing a holistic approach to self-care. Check out their two convenient locations in Westfield and Livingston 

Website: https://www.clubpilates.westfield  and  http;//clubpilates.livingston
Facebook:  or
Instagram: @clubpilateswestfield  or @clubpilateslivingston
Location: 255 East Broad Street, Westfield and 277 Eisenhower Pkwy, Livingston

Top 3 Reasons to join Club Pilates 

  • Elevate your fitness
  • Add to your wellness routine to aid in recovery and spinal strength
  • Become part of a warm, welcoming and inclusive fitness community.


CycleBar® Livingston is more than a ride. It’s a journey of self-discovery. With indoor cycling rides designed for all fitness levels, we will empower, inspire, and elevate you every day.


Facebook: @cyclebarlivingston
Instagram: @cb_livingstonnj

Top 3 Reasons to Join CycleBar


  • Community – We Ride As 1 – Opportunities to interact with and be motivated by other riders inside and outside of our CycleTheatre
  • Coaching – Our instructors provide the guidance and motivation to help you achiever your short and long term wellness and fitness goals.
  • CycleStats – Receive statistical information after each ride that confirms your getting faster and stronger
The R3finery refines how you move so that you can stay active, injury free and continue to do what you love!  R3finery Pilates studio provides: private Pilates sessions, small group classes, specialty yoga classes, physical therapy and massage therapy.

Facebook: @ther3finery
Instagram: @ther3finery 
Location:  95 Summit Ave, Suite 303, Summit, NJ

Top 3 Reasons to Join The R3finery

  • The R3finery is owned and run by 2 female licensed physical therapists, so all of our clients get the best care!
  • Our classes will tone and sculpt your muscles leaving you feeling stronger and standing taller in the new year!
  • Our clients are able to improve their mobility and get back to the activities they love doing pain free!


Heidi Health can help you accomplish your fitness goals. If you’re currently not sure, thinking you’re not good enough, that you can’t and it keeps getting pushed off until next week, next year-this is your sign to start. And she can give you the tools to get there.

Instagram:  @heidiilyssaheath

Location: Milburn, NJ

Top 3 Reasons to work with Heidi Health

  • Customized workout based on your fitness goals and full body assessment.
  • Personal training sessions are up to 1 hour with all the extra attention that comes with personal training
  • New clients purchasing a 10 pack in January will receive an additional 3 sessions, purchase a 5 pack and receive 1 additional session.

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