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Two things most of us have in common as Moms? We’re busy and we’re on our phones a lot—as much as if not more than our computers. If you’re not using any apps to make your life easier, you’re missing out on some great #momhacks. Below, see some of our favorites!



This notes organizer not only lives in the cloud—meaning you can add items to lists from your phone, tablet, desktop and more—but can convert handwritten notes to digital (either through scanning or a stylus). This time of year, it’s also helpful for keeping track of holiday wish lists.


If you haven’t checked out Instacart since the dark days of the pandemic, it’s time to look again. The delivery service has added a *lot* of new shops in the past year. So while you can still have groceries delivered, you can also probably (depending on your location) have makeup from Sephora,  crafts from Michael’s and even clothes from Target sent to your home—not to mention wine from your local liquor store. Cheers to convenience, Moms!


Budgets can be boring, and time consuming, but this intuitive app puts it all in one place. Track your spending, start to save more, and you’ll see your bank account grow while stress levels decrease. Bonus: Since money is one of the biggest sources of tension in a marriage, this app could even bring you closer to your partner.


If you have kids in sports, an app like TeamSnap can help coaches manage registration, rosters, messaging and more, so they can focus on coaching.

Time Timer

Feel like the day gets away from you—every day? Being a mom means moving in a million direction, all at once. This smart app can help you visually plan out your time, so you can designate a certain number of minutes to each task you want to accomplish. It can also help your kids stay on task, from piano practice to screen time limits.

The Wonder Weeks

While not a productivity app itself, The Wonder Weeks gives you so much information within seconds about your babies’ development that it’ll save you time searching for answers on the web or even calling the pediatrician’s office. Plus, it now has a diary feature to track milestones, so you’ll be ready for those frequent check up appointments.



This popular productivity app is a digital “to do” list that is easy to use and helps you prioritize tasks, set due dates and collaborate with others. You can even keep track of your kids’ tasks in the same place.

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